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15 votes
4 answers

How should reviewers (and other users) handle SLAs to SWRs?

On deleting low quality single-word-request answers established the consensus that single line answers (SLAs) to single word requests (SWRs) shall be deleted, however the highest-voted answer argues ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Is it OK to recommend deletion for answers where it's obvious the responder was making it up/joking?

The question is about the origins of the word "dude." Here is the posted answer: If you can find a really old dictionary, it's in there as an infected hair of an elephants butt. I looked it up ...
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10 votes
3 answers

Disputing flag reviews

It happens occasionally that what seems (to me, the flagger) a straightforward and basically undisputable flag is declined or disputed by a mod. Reading through some of the related posts, I see that ...
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6 votes
1 answer

When should you recommend deletion?

I've recently earned review low quality posts privledges, and I'm wondering when I should recommend posts for deletion. Completely off topic, and spam posts are obviouly appropriate. But for ...
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5 votes
0 answers

"Skip" skipped to new line

I just noticed this after reviewing an edit by clicking "edit (1)": It should look something like this: I checked a couple of other sites, and this is the only site where the skip button is ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Simple questions about slang

Someone asked the difference between pwned / owned. I saw it in the edit queue. I almost voted to delete, but ended up skipping it because I wasn't sure. Would this be considered "very low quality?"
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3 votes
1 answer

Review Menu not Updating

Since the new UI, I've noticed this issue - only with the Low Quality Posts menu item: Even though this queue is empty, the menu indicates review needed. Anyone else? Version: 48.0.2685.52 (PGO) -...
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3 votes
2 answers

Am I being robbed of my rightful review queue badges?

I've never really taken much notice of "review queue progress" (or badges in general, to be honest). But I just realised that although several other users have a steward gold badge (for completing at ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why could a 2 reputation user complete a review exercise?

On the 9th of October 2016, I noticed that a user with only two reputation with practically no prior question/answer history had completed a review activity on review. I don't intend to accuse the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Moving questions to other SE [duplicate]

When reviewing questions, it is sometimes apparent that they would be best asked in a different (Mathematics, Biology, Law etc) SE from EL&U. However when I try to flag this I am only offered ELL ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Why are anonymous users allowed to edit questions?

Not really much to say here. I go to review an edit and then I see it is an anonymous user editing. Which most of these are crap compared to the others.
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