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Should we update our site's policy against helping programmers choose names to use in their software?

There are only two hard things in Computer Science:cache invalidation and naming things. ―Phil Karlton Today we received yet another request for naming help: Is there a term which covers both bank ...
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Are questions about explaining what the text mean on-topic?

Would the below question be on-topic? One may argue that it's better suited in Philosophy SE, but I guess that it's more about my English comprehension, therefore it's fine to ask it here. This isn't ...
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Why are questions in SE ELU closed because they are "opinion-based"

I am a non-native speaker of English. When I do not understand a word (because I have never seen it before for instance), I look it up in a dictionary. The dictionary will give me the meaning and ...
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Why are questions about the usage of synonyms off-topic?

Example question: How is “account” be different with “theory”, “model” or “approach”? This question is closed for being off-topic. One close-voter says: I’m can voting to close this question. A ...
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Are questions about how English worked at a certain point on-topic?

If I have a question about the history of English like “When did [some thing] become incorrect?” or “Was [some thing] different during [some time]?”, would that be off-topic?
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My “shipping” question has been sunk

Yesterday I edited a question that had been closed for 14 months as a duplicate of: What's the source of "shipped" in a romantic sense? The title was edited and changed to Is “...
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Holds, duplicates

Right now, thirty of the fifty questions visible on the first page have been marked as holds or duplicates, with two or more others apparently awaiting final judgment from whatever local Fates have ...
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Are questions about representing distorted voices via different typefaces and different languages represented by enclosing brackets welcome here?

If I were to ask a question on using separate fonts to represent distorted or alien speech, <or enclose some kind of bracket to represent talking in another language>, how well would that question ...
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Is asking about a name of a product (not naming it) on-topic?

In the What topics can I ask about here?, it clearly says it is off-topic to ask questions about: Naming, including naming programming variables/classes But would asking if a name of a product is ...
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Why is this question with a eyecatching title off topic here?

"I have no question of my grandmother's dedication" "I have no question of whether my grandmother is dedicated" "I do not question my grandmother's dedication." Which can be used, ...
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What should and shouldn't be migrated to ELL? [duplicate]

I looked around meta and I was surprised that there hasn't been a discussion (I could find) that tries to delineate what should and shouldn't be considered on topic for ELL but not ELU. Obviously the ...
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How to save EL&U

I think one way to massively improve this site would be to start a new Stack Exchange site called something like English Phrase Finder or Word finder or something like that where single word requests, ...
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"This question appears to be off topic because it is better asked on ELL."

A bit of background before I begin: I am a moderator on ELL, and I admit to not being entirely familiar with what is and isn't on-topic here on ELU. I am posting this discussion because I see a trend ...
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Would questions seeking native Anglo-Saxon equivalents to English terms borrowed from foreign languages be on-topic?

In a recent question, the OP wanted to know why English would borrow a foreign word like kudos from Greek when we already had two perfectly good English words, honour and glory. I wanted to point out ...
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Is this the type of single-word request question we should be closing?

I understand that the site is now discouraging single-word requests, but I'm not clear if this is a sweeping guideline (as in, all of them should be closed) or something to be considered on a case-by-...
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58 votes
4 answers

Single word requests, crosswords, and the fight against mediocrity

A call to action This topic has been brought up here numerous times before, most recently by JSBangs: I'm now of the opinion that single word requests should be either disallowed entirely or subject ...
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Should it be on topic to ask questions about what to say in given situations?

I realize that there was previously a discussion on whether questions of politeness are on topic. However, recently there have been some questions such as this one on replying to a favor, this on ...
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Can we have some guidance as to what is on- and off- topic on this site?

This site has an FAQ. However, recently it has been made clear that the community-created definition for this site, as expressed in its FAQ, does not always determine which questions are valid and ...
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Sending a question with translated text to English for checking purposes

I'm not from an English speaking country but on few occasions I have to write some English text. Of course to the best of my abilities. But since this text should be as formal as possible (and ...
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Should we link to resources for learning English in order to prevent scope-creep?

As discussed in questions like this and this, there is the possibility of scope-creep on this site. Would it be beneficial to link to any resources that are better places than this site to start ...
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How would you feel about allowing questions in foreign languages and translation questions?

I wonder how the community feels about: Allowing question about English but written in languages other than English? Allowing translations to (but not from) English? I ask because EL&U is almost ...
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Is EL&U becoming ESL?

Maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling we are seeing an increasing number of English language learner questions. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but is it what we really want? Aren't we going ...
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