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7 answers

Does a question which shows no research, no effort deserve a downvote?

Does a question which shows no research, no effort deserve a downvote? If the answer is yes, I would like to know the reason behind it.
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4 answers

Closing is not bad

Note: This is partially a work in progress, I guess. It is more of a thought dump on the subject because I see a lot of negative reactions to something I consider a good thing. All thoughts, comments, ...
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2 answers

Moderators’ policy on hectoring

What should we do about hectoring? A flurry of hectoring[1] comments has appeared both on the main ELU site and also here on ELU’s meta. I seek clarification on the following questions three: What ...
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3 answers

Why do some people have negative opinions against questions on Shakespeare's works?

Here are some questions I asked on Shakespeare's Hamlet. As you can see, they received some negative comments, downvotes, and close votes. I wonder why. Do they dislike Shakepeare's works? It's okay ...
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2 answers

Moderators' policy on bullying

I would like to know the moderators' policy on bullying. It seems easy to bully a user. For it takes only 5 users who have sufficient reps to close a question.
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1 answer

Should I flag a poor answer as not an answer?

I don't know the answer to this question. I'm torn on the abilities I now have and know I can edit an answer, flag an answer, and downvote an answer (or ignore). I don't really want to flag ...
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