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Closing is not bad

Note: This is partially a work in progress, I guess. It is more of a thought dump on the subject because I see a lot of negative reactions to something I consider a good thing. All thoughts, comments, ...
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Moderators’ policy on hectoring

What should we do about hectoring? A flurry of hectoring[1] comments has appeared both on the main ELU site and also here on ELU’s meta. I seek clarification on the following questions three: What ...
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What is our current position on these issues?

I’ve been noticing an increase in answers that, essentially, consist of nothing but a suggestion or bald assertion and that are often lacking any apparent effort to even format, punctuate, or spell ...
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On custom close reasons and site governance

It has been a year since close reasons were revamped across the Stack Exchange network, giving individual sites the ability to define a set of custom reasons explaining why a question is off-topic. At ...
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Reminder: 10K tools on anonymous post feedback

This post is part of the hidden-feature series started by Mari-Lou A. These posts highlight features of this site that not everyone may know about but can certainly help get an insight into our ...
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Should I flag a poor answer as not an answer?

I don't know the answer to this question. I'm torn on the abilities I now have and know I can edit an answer, flag an answer, and downvote an answer (or ignore). I don't really want to flag ...
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Why do some people have negative opinions against questions on Shakespeare's works?

Here are some questions I asked on Shakespeare's Hamlet. As you can see, they received some negative comments, downvotes, and close votes. I wonder why. Do they dislike Shakepeare's works? It's okay ...
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Why do people think this question(Like Niobe, all tears) is proofreading?

This question(Is "Like Niobe, all tears" an apposition?) was put on hold as proofreading. Why do people think it is proofreading? The question is not about an English composition.
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Does a question which shows no research, no effort deserve a downvote?

Does a question which shows no research, no effort deserve a downvote? If the answer is yes, I would like to know the reason behind it.
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Moderators' policy on bullying

I would like to know the moderators' policy on bullying. It seems easy to bully a user. For it takes only 5 users who have sufficient reps to close a question.
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Finding comments that are 'no longer needed' (e.g. 'thank you' and general junk comments)

Purpose of this post (what type of answers do I expect) This post is meant to get answers in the form of one or more links to Stack Exchange Data Explorer queries which list comments that are ...
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