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ELU, or Writing?

As the editor/curator of a game fanzine, I have an agreement with the editor/curator of a similar fanzine written in Spanish that allows each of us to select articles from the other and translate to ...
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Are users told about the existence of English Language Learners on their first post?

When a user wants to post their first question here, are they told that our sister site English Language Learners exists and they should consider which of the two sites would be most appropriate for ...
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Site recommendation to ask a question on disputed answer

I know the difference between ELL and ELU sites. However, when it comes to some questions I am confused on where to ask them. Which is the site to ask the below question? Does the following ...
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Why did so few people vote in the 2012 elections for moderators?

I've been away for a while and last night I checked the results of the elections, which I followed with interest and in which I voted. I congratulate KitFox and Simchona on their election and I hope ...
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What does "usage" mean in "English Language and Usage"?

What in the word usage adds scope to the site name English Language? The topic of language includes its own usage, doesn't it? And if the usage is redundant, is there a reason why we thought it ...
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Should we link to resources for learning English in order to prevent scope-creep?

As discussed in questions like this and this, there is the possibility of scope-creep on this site. Would it be beneficial to link to any resources that are better places than this site to start ...
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Is EL&U becoming ESL?

Maybe it's just me, but I get the feeling we are seeing an increasing number of English language learner questions. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but is it what we really want? Aren't we going ...
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