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Finding comments that are 'no longer needed' (e.g. 'thank you' and general junk comments)

Purpose of this post (what type of answers do I expect) This post is meant to get answers in the form of one or more links to Stack Exchange Data Explorer queries which list comments that are ...
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What can be done to bring up site quality?

We are now at the point that most questions on ELU get closed. Our 90-day closure rate (10k only) is sitting at around two in every three. Some days it’s worse than that, some days it’s better, but in ...
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Sorting out our tag wikis

Recently, I have been going through the tag wikis of some of the less used tags, adding in definitions and basic information regarding the tag. Unfortunately, after about page seven of the tags, the ...
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How can we get more 10k and 20k users to help clean up the site?

The theory is that bad questions get closed and eventually deleted. The problem is that that does not happen: Here are over 2,000 closed questions with negative vote totals that are just sitting ...
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How can we encourage more folks to edit?

My question is simple: how can we get more people to edit postings so they look better? There are badges, but it doesn’t seem to work: Awarded Badge Name Type ======= ================== =...
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