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What to reference when answering a question? [duplicate]

I've seen a few questions dotted around, which require references to dictionaries or such-like (etymonline, wiktionary, OE dictionary, the Chicago Manual of Style), to make clear why a word or ...
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2 answers

Providing links to ELL

Can a descriptive link to the ELL proposal be added to one or more of the following? The FAQ The General Reference description A block in the sidebar or, if not, then as a sticky link in the "...
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Should not the FAQ have an entry about online resource questions?

There are some questions about online resources, on EL&U, such as: https://...
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can you please explain "It does not meet our quality standards"?

my friend tried to ask a question in english.stackexchange site but it seems that there is a problem with his question, the message was : It does not meet our quality standards BTW the question title ...
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FAQ On-topic/Off-topic List Revisal

Update: Yeah, so I sort of went on a brief EL&U vacation about a week after I started this topic, and forgot about it when I came back. Any last feedback before we push this live? I've changed ...
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