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Is asking a question on English usage which is obvious for native English speakers but not so for English language learners off-topic?

I asked this question and it was closed as off-topic. Is asking a question on English usage which is obvious for native English speakers but not so for English language learners off-topic in this site?...
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"Do lunch" vs. "have lunch": question closure

I realise there's a lot of this lately, and I'm about to add to it, but here goes: Difference between "I am doing lunch" and "I am having lunch" A perfectly valid question. The ...
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Request for undeletion and reopening of a question on the main site: "Retriable or retryable?"

A poster asked the question Retriable or retryable? on February 9, 2016. It was closed for lack of research on February 15 of that year. On November 9, site participant sumelic edited the question to ...
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Determiner question

The question below seems to be very simple at first glance and swifty got closed: Are articles pronouns? However, the answer is not as clear as it seems at first glance. For those of us well ...
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Can we reopen this question please? [Now re-CLOSED]

Edit note 2: The patient and long-suffering OP has now re-asked aspects of this question in three separate posts. So, there's now probably no harm in leaving this one closed. This useful question on ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Why was my question about '(s)he' vs. 'he/she' closed as being opinion-based?

Could somebody please explain to me how is Between '(s)he' & 'he/she' -- which is recommended/ preferable? opinion-based. The question explicitly contains Are both "(s)he" and "...
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Request to reopen "Is 'deuce' (tennis) a corruption of the French phrase 'à deux de jeu'?" [closed]

This is a request to reopen the question, "Is 'deuce' (tennis) a corruption of the French phrase 'à deux de jeu'?", as per the reasons stated in the question's comments.
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2 answers

Why was this question removed from the HNQ list?

I would like to know why What is the origin of "playing into someone's hands"? was removed from the HNQ1 list. According to the guidance given in this post In general, we recommend that ...
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2 answers

Please re-open the "oldest profession" question

Please re-open Why (and since when) is prostitution called “the world's oldest profession”? . Talking about a well-known euphemism that's used in polite company (even Ronald Reagan has referred to ...
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