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What's the preferred way to cite The Chicago Manual of Style?

I'm wondering if there are guidelines or common practices for citations to style guides that I haven't been able to find searching meta-ELU. Perhaps it's a non-issue and I've only thought about it ...
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2 answers

Is changing quotation marks from German style to English style a constructive edit?

Would exchanging quotation marks in the German tradition for conventional English quotation marks be considered a constructive edit on English Language & Usage? This is what I mean by German style ...
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1 answer

Inconsistent link treatment in old answers under the new design?

When one of my old answers receives an upvote or a downvote, I go back and reread the posted answer—mainly because the elapsed time enables me to approach the post as an editor rather than as its ...
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What should we do about broken Tex math markup in postings?

What should be done about postings that contain embedded math markup in them? Certainly we should not ask for that to be enabled; its cost is much too high! Should we replace them with images ...
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Best-Practices for posting a follow-on question?

Are there best-practices for posting a follow-on question? I am new to ELU. I have searched ELU meta for this subject and have not yet found any information. From my novice vantage, here are ...
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Bold vs italics for giving an example word/phrase [duplicate]

For word/phrase request questions, is there a convention for highlighting the example word given? In this answer I used bold, and somebody changed it ...
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1 answer

Inline quotes formatting

At ELU, blockquotes are used quite frequently: I'm a fancy blockquote. I'm used to elaborate and give examples, as well as quote other people and posts. However the nearest thing we have to an ...
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Measuring typographical emphasis: the “lawler” and “lawler weight”

RegDwighт said: @Robusto wow, that's formatting to the max. Bold and italics and monospaced and in quotes. John has outlawlered himself.¹ It occurs to me that this is something we can measure. I ...
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1 answer

Could mods catalyze synonym voting?

Previous title: I've just suggested a synonym: [style] -> [writing-style] Here's the link; vote as you please. My only reasoning while choosing which one to keep was that writing-style had 91 ...
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Why are some questions on the question page darker than others?

I've noticed some questions on the questions page are tinted darker than others Looking at the CSS, I see that they have the same class applied to them as the normal-shaded questions on the page (and ...
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1 answer

Why do some avatars have drop shadows?

I was looking at a question today and I noticed that the OP and I have drop shadows beneath out avatars and the person who edited the question and the other answerer do not. Who gets a drop shadow, ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Standard format for questions on difference between two specified words

Quite a lot of questions concern the difference between two specified words (often with an example sentence, where OP wants to know which to use). It's much easier to search for an existing Question ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Path for adopting EL&U formatting standards [duplicate]

Aside from the relevant place to track these discussions, I believe we should decide the appropriate path for reaching a decision about a particular standard. Community run projects tend to get stuck ...
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1 answer

Editing Question titles in pursuit of 'standardisation'

Apropos an issue that came up in Comments under the first Answer to this question, does anyone [else] ever edit Question titles in pursuit of 'standardisation'? I say 'else' there because the other ...
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1 answer

Please remove the giant quotation mark from the CSS for blockquotes

The blockquote HTML tag is often used for things that are not literally quotations—for example, in duplicate question notices—so the giant quotation mark is quite often incorrect or misleading. Since ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Style guide for questions, answers, and comments

Style guides such as those on Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, Ask Ubuntu have been greatly helpful for me (and many in those communities) in creating well-written, well-formatted, easy-to-understand, ...
26 votes
7 answers

What emphasis to use when referring to words?

Let's say I'm asking a question about the word "cheese". Which of the following should I use? I see various versions being used all over, and it'd be nice to have something consistent. Does the word '...
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2 answers

Should we have a standard way of indicating deliberately malformed sentences?

For example, following common formatting I've seen in English style guides: He went to the shops vs. Him went to the shops * Or maybe italicizing bad sentences: He went the shops
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What should the theme of the site be? [closed]

One of the seven questions we should answer before the end of the beta is "What should our logo and site design look like?" We need to consider several aspects of our site's design: What's the ...
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