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Kludge to trick SE to allow edits smaller than six characters by injecting invisible characters

It's impossible to fix small (but not insignificant) typos on SE without making other edits adding up to six characters. For example, think should be thick in a quoted line of a poem that makes no ...
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Why can edits to a closed question be rejected as "should have been written as a comment or an answer"?

Although a long-time reader of various SE sites, I'm new to active participation and still learning the rules and conventions. My question here is about the possible stock reasons for rejecting edits ...
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Are questions better if they contain the actual words they reference?

I just had this edit rejected, where someone was using the nonsensical syntax of "f***ing around" instead of "fucking around". Two of the three reviewers rejected the edit with the following rationale:...
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When is it reasonable to reject a suggested edit that fixes a broken link in a LQ post?

In most situations, fixing a broken link is a good thing. But a couple of times in the last month I've been unsure whether to approve an edit in the Suggested Edits Queue where the only change was to ...
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First proposal tag wiki rejected

I added an informative text to a tag which had no excerpt. (click to see the case, should be publicly available) To me this seems a reasonable excerpt which is not superfluous, not harming ...
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"Skip" skipped to new line

I just noticed this after reviewing an edit by clicking "edit (1)": It should look something like this: I checked a couple of other sites, and this is the only site where the skip button is ...
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I Edited Someone's Question Yesterday; Can I Find That Edit On My Network Activitiy Profile?

I don't recall the details. The question was at either ELL or ELU, and it included an example which was (I thought) incoherent. I made some little rearrangement of the words. I think the example ...
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When reviewing Suggested Edits queue, how to "improve" the suggested edit?

I came across a tag-edit that I wanted to improve slightly, while reviewing the Suggested Edits queue. At the top of the page it says, "Approve, reject, or improve edits suggested by users." I see no ...
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Why reject a suggested edit to add a link for a likely-to-be-mysterious acronym?

Below are two identical suggested edits. The first was accepted but the second rejected. Why? The reason given for the rejection was that the edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Both ...
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Curious why my suggested edit was rejected

I edited the question found here: What does it mean to "sabotage an agenda"? There were several typos in the passage that I had fixed, checking with the original quote. I was rejected on ...
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This edit should not have been approved

This edit was well intentioned but obscures the difficulties that the OP is having with the English language. Sometimes, to get at the heart of a question it is important to remove grammatical errors,...
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Why are anonymous users allowed to edit questions?

Not really much to say here. I go to review an edit and then I see it is an anonymous user editing. Which most of these are crap compared to the others.
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Why are some users with 10k+ rep allowing minor, and I mean, *very* minor edits to pass through?

Recently there's been a spate of questions whose suggested edits consist of deleting "Thanks in advance" type of endings. These suggested edits have to be peer reviewed before they are passed. ...
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Why can't I edit any questions anymore? Is it a bug or...?

It has happened for me after creating sexist-language tag and being approved as a new tag. The edit option under all questions has been inactive for me. I wanted to add an explanation and found this ...
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The "there are suggested edits|flagged posts" indicator refuses to go away

If you have the reputation to review suggested edits, you know that the number of edits is often (read: usually) incorrect. Well, now it's not only incorrect, it also refuses to go away. I've clicked ...
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Would you kindly undo the rejection of my edit and re-open this question?

This suggested edit for this question was just rejected. It was an attempt on my part to incorporate the OP's clarification made in this comment on my answer into the question. The edit was rejected ...
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Can 5k users directly approve a tag wiki proposed edit?

As 20k user, I can directly approve a tag wiki edit. Do 5k users have that possibility too, or are two 5k users required for approving a tag wiki proposed edit?
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