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What are [expression-requests] tag for?

I think most questions asking for an English equivalent of proverbs or sayings in other languages use 3 tags together - idiom-requests, phrase-requests and expression-requests. An expression is ...
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What is meant by the tag "reference"?

The reference tag has no description yet. Is it intended to be used for a question that asks for a reference where one might learn more about a certain topic, or document one's intuitive ...
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Information about info pages!

Have the info pages been introduced recently? (or have I failed to see them so far?).
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Add a Wiki page for the "compounds" tag, or replace it with another tag

compounds is without Wiki page. It should be good if the tag would have it, as the tag seems used for different purposes. Edit: I just noticed there is also the compound-sentences tag. Do the tags ...
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