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What is meant by the tag "reference"?

The reference tag has no description yet. Is it intended to be used for a question that asks for a reference where one might learn more about a certain topic, or document one's intuitive ...
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Information about info pages!

Have the info pages been introduced recently? (or have I failed to see them so far?).
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3 answers

How do we deal with more than 130 empty tag wikis?

So many of our tag wikis are small or non-existent that we really ought to do something about it. Bet-Hedging In my data query here, I show that there are 168 tags that have no wiki and 26 that ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Sorting out our tag wikis

Recently, I have been going through the tag wikis of some of the less used tags, adding in definitions and basic information regarding the tag. Unfortunately, after about page seven of the tags, the ...
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16 votes
3 answers

What are [expression-requests] tag for?

I think most questions asking for an English equivalent of proverbs or sayings in other languages use 3 tags together - idiom-requests, phrase-requests and expression-requests. An expression is ...
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8 votes
1 answer

EL&U's mysterious 'antedecent' tag

I notice that EL&U currently has a tag labeled 'antedecent', and that seven of the fifteen questions that carry this tag include the word antedecent in their headline. for example, Antecedent of &...
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Should [meaning] and [meaning-in-context] be mutually exclusive?

meaning-in-context and meaning have a fairly high overlap rate of 26% which means that 26% of all questions tagged meaning-in-context are also tagged meaning. The full list of ~375 don't reveal ...
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9 votes
3 answers

What are your opinions on tags?

I have been working on reducing our number of Unanswered questions but am nearing a point I consider "good enough". The next thing on my work list is to start analyzing our tags, tag wikis, tag ...
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7 votes
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Improving tag wiki excerpts

I have recently noticed a large number of tag wiki excerpts which are not particularly useful. For example, the mathematics tag wiki excerpt said: For questions about mathematics in English. It ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can 5k users directly approve a tag wiki proposed edit?

As 20k user, I can directly approve a tag wiki edit. Do 5k users have that possibility too, or are two 5k users required for approving a tag wiki proposed edit?
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2 votes
1 answer

Link to propose tag wiki is broken from main tag view

The "would you like to help us create it?" link to propose a tag wiki is broken; it seems to always go to and this results in a Page Not Found ...
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1 answer

Add a Wiki page for the "compounds" tag, or replace it with another tag

compounds is without Wiki page. It should be good if the tag would have it, as the tag seems used for different purposes. Edit: I just noticed there is also the compound-sentences tag. Do the tags ...
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