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The plan for [grammar]

The tag grammar is one of our most highly-used tags, though it is, unfortunately, so vague as to be nearly useless. I submit the following proposal as a way to break up this tag into something useful. ...
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Use "single-word-request" for phrases?

If I'm looking for a phrase (not just a word) that expresses a specific concept, should I still use the tag single-word-request?
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6 votes
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Do we need the "foreign" tag?

So far, there are just two questions tagged foreign. Do we really need it?
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Usage of the "history" tag

What is the purpose of history? Isn't there any other tag that would, even partially, be used instead of history? For example, the history of a word is its etymology; if I am asking for the etymology, ...
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Creating the new tag "sexist-language"

Congratulation! The sexist-language tag suggested by me has been approved as an edit for this question for first time. You all unless 10 users who downvoted this tag and showed their disagreement can ...