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2 answers

Show the tour’s summary on the left menu

We’ve recently had a change in UI, resulting in a mostly blank left menu bar, among other things. We also have huge numbers of posts that don’t seem to be coming from the people that the EL&U ...
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14 votes
1 answer

New theme: Color of visited links

Would it be possible to change the color of visited links in main-site questions and answers from the current blackish purple to some color that is more clearly distinguishable from the surrounding ...
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0 answers

New Layout: Editor _before_ author?

I was just confused by something in the layout: Look at any question or answer that has been edited. picture has just one example). The person who most recently edited the question is first, the ...
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New theme: fix serif-vs-sans font combinations

In what I hope is the correct spirit of bringing concrete, actionable suggestions for changes and updates to the new theme, I would like to ask for the fonts to be harmonized as tchrist went into ...
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19 votes
3 answers

“we tried to fix it”

EL&U needs rescuing A few days ago I posted the following: The new theme still sucks. There I said it, and in American English, too. There's an overall sense of claustrophobia, oppression, the ...
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9 votes
4 answers

New theme: Banner, sidebars, footer

The new theming does not seem to be to anyone's taste, but we can't go back to the way the site used to look. Some features like fonts and page layout are now set across all sites, and we just have to ...
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10 votes
1 answer

We have until December 13

Here's an announcement for those who do not frequent Meta Stack Exchange (MSE). By 7 December, every site on the Stack Exchange network will adopt the new theme. With the final transition of the ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Tags! Huh, what are they good for?

…absolutely nothin' Seriously, I have nothing against tags per se, they have their use but why does EL&U need that monolithic "Watched Tags" box on the right-hand side? The two boxes take up so ...
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