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Please vote on this proposal to ban from question titles certain words whose posts we usually end up closing and deleting

In reaction to high failure rates of questions with titles containing the word "problem", the Stack Overflow community long ago forbade these. You couldn't ask a new question with the word "problem" ...
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What words are offensive in titles? What are the rules?

I saw that the title to this question had been edited, with an explanation of "this now appears on the hot list." So, apparently, the word in the title was OK at first, but now the question appears ...
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Is it correct to change the title of a question that is broader than the actual question asked, and as such actually asks a different question?

I made a change to this question's title today because it clearly asked a question that was different to the actual question the OP asked in the (more expansive and specific) body of their question. ...
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What is the policy for question titles containing vulgar words?

I see several discussions of titles containing vulgar words, including What should we do about question titles containing vulgar words?, but nowhere can I find an actual POLICY stated, even though ...
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Would I have been flagged for posting a question with a swear word in the title? [duplicate]

I've posted this question about the origins of the phrase crazier than a shithouse rat. And, in an attempt to soften the blow to some of our more "sensitive" readers, I chose to post the term as sh*...
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Why isn’t “Please help” on our titular stoplist?

We just got in rapid succession these two soi-disant “questions” over on main: Please help to interpret Please help me with this sentence Strictly speaking as questions go, those are imperatives not ...
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Is any grammar edit to the title really too trivial for EL&U?

I agree with the policy on trivial edits, but is a title edit for grammar too trivial for EL&U? Hypothetically - should the web site host questions with grammar that might be construed as ...
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Repeating the title in the body

I've noticed this happens a lot in short questions. The OP can think of nothing more to say and just copied the title into the body (or vice versa) and adds a short sentence that adds little to the ...
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Title removing space preceding a final question mark

See this question: X, Y, Z — horizontal, vertical and ...? (Original title X Y Z Horizontal Vertical and?) I want the title to be X, Y, Z - Horizontal, Vertical and ? (note the space before the ?) ...
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Should we discourage vague titles?

I've seen several titles that are so vague that you only know what's being asked by reading the question body. Recent examples: What is the correct way to write this sentence? Which one is the ...
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3 answers

How Should Titles Be Capitalized?

Many (most?) titles on Stack Exchange are phrased as questions, rather than traditionally. What Does X Mean? Meaning of X When I do this, I make sure to use Title Caps. It's still a title, after ...
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Why can't we format question titles?

It would be nice if italics were possible in question titles; is there a reason why we aren't able to?
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Standard format for questions on difference between two specified words

Quite a lot of questions concern the difference between two specified words (often with an example sentence, where OP wants to know which to use). It's much easier to search for an existing Question ...
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Is there a way to nix certain words from the auto-search for related questions?

If I started a new question with the title "Pronunciation of 'cat'" the related question helper finds bunches of questions starting with "pronunciation of". This seems to happen with many of the ...
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