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Questions about the titles of questions on the main site.

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Standard format for questions on difference between two specified words

Quite a lot of questions concern the difference between two specified words (often with an example sentence, where OP wants to know which to use). It's much easier to search for an existing Question ...
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Why isn’t “Please help” on our titular stoplist?

We just got in rapid succession these two soi-disant “questions” over on main: Please help to interpret Please help me with this sentence Strictly speaking as questions go, those are imperatives not ...
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What words are offensive in titles? What are the rules?

I saw that the title to this question had been edited, with an explanation of "this now appears on the hot list." So, apparently, the word in the title was OK at first, but now the question appears ...
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What is the policy for question titles containing vulgar words?

I see several discussions of titles containing vulgar words, including What should we do about question titles containing vulgar words?, but nowhere can I find an actual POLICY stated, even though ...
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Repeating the title in the body

I've noticed this happens a lot in short questions. The OP can think of nothing more to say and just copied the title into the body (or vice versa) and adds a short sentence that adds little to the ...
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