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Why would an answer receive less than +10 reputation from an upvote?

Can anyone let me know why an upvote on an answer would yield +4 reputation, rather than the usual +10? This seems to have occurred for one of my answers. I am not concerned about it, I was just ...
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Users who answer a question and ask for upvotes

I saw a situation today where a post was answered by 6 different people. One of the users who posted an answer, the highest voted answer, decided to comment on each of the other answers asking for ...
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What is the "10 extra votes for questions" function?

I have gained both the "Suffrage" and "Vox Populi" badges, but I still don't understand the concept of the "10 extra votes for questions" function! The topic has been discussed on Meta, but I don't ...
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How does one deal with the problem of the phantom upvoter?

I've just 'cancelled' (downvoted as a counter-measure) an upvote for what is essentially an old chestnut {Gender-neutral pronoun other than singular they} (ie I'm not aware of the previous question or ...
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+2 at a rep cost

Sometimes I like an item so much that I would be willing to give it more exposure with extra upvotes as the expense of personal reputation points (SE currency). Has such a feature ever been ...
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Why are some upvotes missing? [duplicate]

I answered some questions and i can see that others have up voted my answer but I don't see any points added to my reputation and the total reputation points are the same! I took a picture of it. Do ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why reducing rep for downvoting item one had previously upvoted?

I upvoted an answer to a question, and after a few seconds realized I had upvoted the wrong answer, so I hit the downvote button to put it back the way it was. After moving on to another question I ...
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Where do the points go?

I asked a question on meta.english and I got 2 upvotes for it, but I wonder what happens to those points. See, I'm used to sites like stackoverflow and meta.stackoverflow, where if you get an upvote ...
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When should a question be up-voted? When should a question be answered?

Should a question be up-voted only when it shows research effort and/or is useful and clear? Is a question useful and clear if it's interesting? Should a question be answered only when the question ...
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I incorrectly upvoted a post but now cannot reverse it. How can I?

I upvoted a post that, after some time and investigation, happened to be incorrect and misleading. Cf. my question "If prepend is not part of English, why ther's no postpend, subpend? and who ...
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