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"...the person or body who/which..." is not only a question about whether to refer to companies with "who" or "which"

"...the person or body who..." vs. "...the person or body which..." As far as I can see, this question does not ask only about whether to refer to companies with "who" or "which". ...
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Request to reopen a dubious dupe

The question First, … Secondly, … &c, posted two years ago, asks whether there is any basis besides tradition for preferring first to firstly. Five days after it was posted, the question was ...
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How can I edit this question and start the reopening process to make additional answers possible?

dog-leg, dogleg, or dog leg? has one well-received and currently accepted answer but was quickly closed for lack of research. It was only my second question here, over three years ago now. I'd ...
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Request to reopen "Resistance decreases with temperature"

"Resistance decreases with temperature". How to interpret this sentence? doesn't seem like an unreasonable question to ask on ELU, but it's been summarily closed with the "justification&...
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This question asking for a gender neutral alternative should be reopend

Gender neutral alternative to Sir/Madam It's odd that it was closed. It's a very specific question, and given typical everyday context. If you disagree - would like to clarify why it is opinion ...
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Can I get my question reopened please?

My question: In English, are trains female? has been closed due to apparently being a duplicate of What is the gender of an aircraft? Obviously, aircraft and trains are not the same thing, and my ...
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Please consider reopening a question about a fairly recent, politics-specific meaning of 'pivot' [Question has been reopened]

The question is what did Mr. Tester mean by saying to Dennis Muilenberg that you are 'pivoting' in the Congressional testimony of 737 Max? It was closed nine days ago with the following ...
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Should there be an increasing number of close votes required to re-close a question that has been reopened?

This question was closed with three votes for "insufficient research" - although I'm unclear why, because even after doing all the "research" suggested in the answers, the correct ...
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Possible bug: The system tells me to select a reason even though I've already done so

I recently reviewed a question in the "reopen votes" queue. I wanted to keep the question closed because it was a single-word request but did not include sufficient information about how the ...
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Let's reopen this interesting question

Now reopened This apparently simple, question about possessive S has been closed: "The species/species'/species's survival..." However, I think that in this case this was a bit ...
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