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2 answers

Can questions on meta earn the It’s Always 5 O’Clock Somewhere hat?

If one were to ask a question on meta when it's 17:01 on Friday somewhere in the world (say, Bangkok), which is subsequently upvoted, would it be hatworthy?
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0 answers

Separated at birth?

It's uncanny! The handsome rugged features, the piercing gaze... could it be?
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23 votes
17 answers

Please air your grievances here

Some of you may be happily oblivious to the Winter Bash hat dash, in which case you can skip right over this question. For those who are afflicted with the annual fever, I would like to encourage you ...
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1 answer

Some specific things regarding the Winter Bash

I enjoy the Winter Bash and want to encourage our community to participate. But please participate sanely. Please stop flagging a bajillion comments. I like comment clean-up as much as the next mod, ...
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16 answers

Shall we just toss the Winter Hats into the bin?

Winter Bash 2015 is under way and EL&U is taking part. Should we turn this whole hat malarkey off for the whole site, and we can concentrate on the finer points of the English instead? As always ...
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Can I choose another hat?

My hat looks like a cheeseburger with a cherry on top. Some of the other hats are really neat! Is there anything I can do to get a hat with more je ne sais quoi? Or do I just have to wait until ...
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18 votes
2 answers

Will there be hats this winter (2015)?

People like hats. Will there be hats? Will there be new hats? Hats?
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