Yes, it is on-topic. Asking for questions to elucidate the nuance of meaning in words is one essential use of ELU. It is not asking for opinions about the meaning (whether you like or support the situation or not). And it is not asking about the just the social situation and how things have changed. It is asking for knowledgeable responses about the words in ...


Mitch has already explained why the question would be within the topic of this site and the upvotes, together with the absence of downvotes, suggest that there is a considerable agreement about that. The OP, however, seems to be really interested in how to 'minimize distracting irrelevant side discussions'. Apart from being as clear and focused as possible ...


Yes, you can make single-word-requests. Please read our guidelines for such questions. IMO the most important things to do are to provide a sentence you want to use the word in and provide any words you have discounted as unsuitable, and why they are unsuitable, so that people trying to answer have good insight into your thought process.

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