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Just doubled up on gold Steward badges... badging bug?

The rules are being changed; you're getting one Steward badge for every 1,000 reviews in a queue. See this comment by Stack Exchange staff member @animuson: There's supposedly an announcement about ...
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Why is there no badge or points for the number of times a question has been "favorited?"

There are such badges: Favorite Question – silver, question favorited by 25 users. Stellar Question – gold, question favorited by 100 users.
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6 votes

Why am I not able to receive the "Curious" badge?

You may have also posted some other poor questions (downvoted, deleted) leading to not having a positive question record. The formula for one's question record is given in this quote from Meta: A ...
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What is the "10 extra votes for questions" function?

Voting is a network-wide thing rather than an ELU-specific thing, and I think this is answered by an Meta.SE question, What's the difference between Suffrage and Vox populi badge. It's not ...
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How can we get more 10k and 20k users to help clean up the site?

I am a compulsive tidy-upper and throw-it-awayer, so I jumped on the Delete Queue enthusiastically and voted to delete five questions I thought had no redeeming qualities. I was too hasty on one of ...
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Purpose of Badges?

Badges reward good behavior The blog post that first announced badges describes their purpose thusly: Our goal with the badges is to encourage people to a) have fun and b) use the Stack Overflow ...
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Purpose of Badges?

They are akin to getting "achievements" in computer/console games. Badges are one of many ways that Stack Exchange games you to participate more in it, as are points, privileges and the like.
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2 votes

How can we get more 10k and 20k users to help clean up the site?

Update SEDE 20-11-2016: There are now over 3.200 questions with a negative score. There are now ~600 closed questions with a negative score and pending delete votes.
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