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I can't ask any question

It's not the case that you have only asked three questions. The thirteen other questions which are now deleted also count towards the way the system calculates whether or not to accept any more ...
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Reached Question Limit

Although moderators are not privy to the algorithm behind this determination, it's unlikely to be reputation related. More likely by far is that of the 12 questions you've asked, only 3 remain open ...
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Can I deliberately block/cancel/ban my account for a month?

Change your password to a long string of letters, numbers, and symbols that you could not possibly memorize. Write it down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Deliver the envelope to a ...
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question ban not lifted even after 6 months

I can't tell when your question ban was imposed. It's an automated ban imposed by the system and moderators cannot do anything to change it. I have found that you posted a question on March 25, after ...
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Does EL&U frown or ban certain topics?

We do not use permanent automatic question bans, which are what you refer to. However, temporary automatic question bans of up to a week's duration are enabled. I should note that the automatic bans ...
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