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For the sake of your sanity, I can confirm that you really did use the Unclear what you’re asking close-vote reason. You should be able to see your own close-vote history via this personal link, but that doesn’t include the type of close-vote. That, though, I can see, and your memory is fine. :) What happens is that when there are different kinds of close ...


I've looked at your recently deleted posts and there's very few that were deleted as spam or abusive - in general, you average about 1-2 per day from what I can tell, which isn't a lot, and far fewer than other sites on the network get. After thinking it over a bit and talking with people about it... based on the recommendations here and those I got from ...


You may have also posted some other poor questions (downvoted, deleted) leading to not having a positive question record. The formula for one's question record is given in this quote from Meta: A positive question record means you don't have too many Closed, Negative, or Deleted questions overall. The formula is (TotalQuestions - Negative - Closed - ...


The “oddness” which the OP speaks of is network-wide On Workplace.SE someone asked: Have lots of Users been Removed recently? dated May 19 2019 In the past few days, I've seen a few notifications that "User was removed" in my Achievements list. Some removed points, some added points. I assume I would see only a single "User was removed" message ...


You sorted your answers by activity. If you click the votes button as shown below, it should sort them by votes in descending order, with the accepted answer on top (in most cases).


No, it’s not a bug. This one has a simple answer:


Answers that have been accepted by the author of the question as the most helpful (as indicated by a green check mark) are always at the top unless the author accepted their own answer. Answers with the same number of votes are sorted randomly. The order you describe only happens for me if I have sorted by “active”. When I select “votes” it sorts 85, 93, 5....


Now after checking through review results from many of my past reviews, it seems to me that this is by design for reviews of Questions - so no actual post is shown in the result page. Only the reviews of Answers show the actual post under the result page. Just posting this here for anyone who might come across a similar situation.

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