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Are we being encouraged to answer very old questions, or are they just being made more visually pleasing?

Posts are edited for a number of reasons, but all edits must make the post better, especially when it's a post that's not currently on the "active homepage" since space there is limited and ...
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May I speculate in comments?

We are a shoot-askers-down community with a crew of hawkish eagle-eyed downvoters ready to slay and humiliate new users with the temerity to ask a question that they haven't the vocabulary to ask ...
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May I speculate in comments?

I for one (as one of those who provided "an" answer) feel almost anxious about going on participating. Especially because of the "scratching the ridiculous"-level of logical ...
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Is posting a word game accepted?

A decade+ later, I think very few people on this site would agree with the accepted answer. Though the tag word-games has 21 questions, very few of the un-closed, un-locked ones are actual word games. ...
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