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Should the following question have a proper answer?

The new question is an exact duplicate of How do I pluralize a name ending in “y”? If you think a more thorough answer is warranted then by all means, write one for the old question. Or if you think ...
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Project Reduplication of Deduplication - English

My immediate thoughts: The very first pair I got were two very clearly unrelated questions that had nothing whatsoever to do with each other—same as what several others have noted. I suspect they ...
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2 votes

Project Reduplication of Deduplication - English

Thanks for your work on this project! Thoughts so far (I think I've done around 30 of these): What is the intended use of "Related, not duplicates"? I mentioned this in a comment, but I don'...
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Project Reduplication of Deduplication - English

As promised, the question pairs now load faster -- on average -- than they did last weekend. Sometimes the next pair loads quickly, and sometimes there is a long delay. If all the questions loaded as ...
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