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What good reference works on English are available?

Historical Resources These are books of possible interest to people who are investigating word and phrase origins and want to know what meanings those words or phrases were said to have at various ...
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Commonly-available reference issue

The OED is paywalled, but many people in the US and UK can get access to the OED for free through their local public libraries. This unfortunately leaves out quite a few people of the world. However ...
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Is this question about Boners too simple for E.L.U. or not, and if it is, should it be migrated to E.L.L?

The question, as asked, provided no context and no explanation for why the asker was asking, and we can thus only conclude that they are asking for the meaning of a phrase of the form "give someone X",...
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Commonly-available reference issue

I don't see a problem with quoting from non-free resources if all the rules are followed. Specifically, we require answers provide enough content in the answer that it doesn't matter if the link works,...
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How does the current version of the "cyan" pronunciation question not show research?

The timeline available to moderators shows that the question was closed with five votes, then you edited it and it was reopened with five votes. It's now had five different people vote to close again, ...
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