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Can we use the link replacement tool to fix links to English-corpora.org?

If you’re simply looking for community support or permission to run the existing search-and-replace tool to update the corpora links on EL&U*, you have my support and that of anyone who upvotes ...
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Should I down-vote an accurate answer that lacks references?

Links to external resources are encouraged, but not required. Upvote useful answers. Downvote answers that are not useful. A useful answer is an answer that will help not just the asker but also ...
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When is it reasonable to reject a suggested edit that fixes a broken link in a LQ post?

@Mari-Lou A wrote: Several links in my posts have been fixed by this user, and I've always given the green light. Fixing a corrupt link is nearly always a good thing, regardless of the post or ...
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Automated display of relevant ELL links in the linked questions sidebar

The following was blatantly plagiarized from my answer on ELL meta. I have an idea how this could work. Currently there are two sidebars that show related questions: "Linked" and "Related". If there ...
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What is EL&U's policy about attributing links?

A personal view: I generally mention the source of links I use to support facts, but wouldn't usually edit someone else's answer to source their links. There is an exception, and it happens to occur ...
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Can we use the link replacement tool to fix links to English-corpora.org?

Thanks for raising this one to our attention. We've executed the change network-wide. As with all link replacements, we do expect a bit of routine cleanup work, so be on the lookout for any cases that ...
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