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If I see some blatantly irrelevant picture, text, or link in an otherwise okay post, my first choice would be to edit it out. I'd also maybe kindly let the user know why I did that. And then if I see a potential for an edit war, I'd definitely flag it for a moderator's attention. On the other hand, if I see that a post is itself not relevant for ELU's ...


I think the answer is "Yes, it's allowed", but if the answer consists only of the image, then the answer is likely to be downvoted as "Not useful", since the information can usually be presented textually. If the image is part of an answer, and actually illustrates something — rather than being simply an example of laziness in not bothering to ...


This is a file path issue that's happening unintentionally while we prepare new theming assets. It'll be taken care of first thing tomorrow.


Thank you for noticing and helping clean up missing alt-text. As you noted, it is important for accessibility. Your plan to insert a new image using the copied image url ( is a good one. If you are nervous about it, remember that the post preview will show you what the rendered version will look (and act) like, so you can use ...


I've made a Stack Exchange Data Explorer query to find posts that lack image descriptions. As of 2014-10-17, the query shows about 1500 posts that need work. Please keep in mind that Data Explorer results are based on weekly extracts from the database, and therefore may not reflect recent changes.


To do: (got to page 11 on the Google search) Thanks to everyone for getting on this so quickly! Done: Processor vs Processer "As evidenced by" or "as evident by"? Use of "entitle" in "the book is entitled 1984" Etymology of the name "Stimpson" What is the difference between "wriggle room" and &...


The value of doing this is highlighted by today's Imgur downtime. We have questions like "A pronunciation question of slough" which make no sense without the embedded image. This is a problem for sighted users today, and it's a problem for blind users all of the time.


You don't have to write Shakespeare or Nabokov... That's reassuring. So, it's not necessary to be one the greatest playwrights ever known to mankind or probably the most iconic 20th century novelist to fill in the image description. Good to know! But according to an edit of yours, where the image is a photo I took of the Irish Daily Mail, the description ...


Had to jump in and edit it, cuz I couldn't resist it. ;) Now it's your turn to edit it and insert alt-texts.

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