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How (and whether) to flag a post with an irrelevant picture

If I see some blatantly irrelevant picture, text, or link in an otherwise okay post, my first choice would be to edit it out. I'd also maybe kindly let the user know why I did that. And then if I see ...
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Is posting an embedded image as part of the answer (e.g. for a word definition) against the site rules?

I think the answer is "Yes, it's allowed", but if the answer consists only of the image, then the answer is likely to be downvoted as "Not useful", since the information can usually be presented ...
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7 votes

The Incredible Shrinking ELU Banner

This is a file path issue that's happening unintentionally while we prepare new theming assets. It'll be taken care of first thing tomorrow.
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4 votes

Adding alt-text to images that don't ask for it

Thank you for noticing and helping clean up missing alt-text. As you noted, it is important for accessibility. Your plan to insert a new image using the copied image url (
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3 votes

Call to action: fill in image descriptions

The value of doing this is highlighted by today's Imgur downtime. We have questions like "A pronunciation question of slough" which make no sense without the embedded image. This is a problem for ...
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2 votes

Backing up images that may be at risk due to their new ToS

Ideally there would be a way for mods to edit old posts without bumping them. I wonder if SE might consider adding such a feature for this sort of bulk operation.
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Adding alt-text to images that don't ask for it

Had to jump in and edit it, cuz I couldn't resist it. ;) Now it's your turn to edit it and insert alt-texts.
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