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Any question closed as a duplicate of another is a potential merge candidate. However, while a closed question can still be reopened (for whatever reason), a merge is irreversible. Consequently, I will usually give people time to dispute the decision — especially if I closed the dupe unilaterally, as was the case with the fluid vs. liquid question. ...


words removed on those two questions.


I agree that the questions are effectively duplicates. Being paralyzed by fear, and scared motionless are conceptually as synonymous as I can imagine questions being. My main criticism with what happened here is that the old question was closed (albeit for an unusual reason for this question category), and the new question had much more effort put into ...


Why is it important to close a new question that is a duplicate as soon as possible? It prevents users from recycling old answers and earning easy rep. Instead of one question with a good set of answers, you start having two, three, four questions with identical answers, which is exactly what happened here. This is one of the most deleterious drawbacks with ...

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