I'll try and help by reviewing some of your questions and pointing out what might be putting people off from answering them. Let's start with Why are most interjections a variation of God/Jesus’ name? It presupposes that most interjections are a variation on God/Jesus' name. This is not true. Starting a question from a false premise makes it difficult to ...


As I tried to say in the comments, only registered users can delete their own posts. If you check a user’s profile and you see this, they are not registered: Basically, this user has chosen to post as a guest. There is an orange banner at the top of the page that says “finish signing up for your account” and that’s what needs to be clicked to register the ...


This would be on-topic, but it would be closed as a duplicate of When should I use an em-dash, an en-dash, and a hyphen? Anglo-Saxon is a hyphenated compound; Washington–Moscow indicates two ends of a connection. Those instances are similar enough to what's in the existing question to answer yours. NB: This isn't intended to be dismissive of your question! ...


EL&U is not a transcription service, bluntly, but in the past we have entertained questions which ask about phonological phenomena and accents that can be demonstrated in a clip, e.g. Is D-glottalization a plausible explanation of ambiguity in Donald Trump interview with WSJ? Peculiar pronunciation of 'architecture' British politicians ...


single-word-requests This tag is for questions seeking a single word that fits a meaning. To ensure that your question is not closed as off-topic, please be specific about the intended use of the word. INCLUDE A SAMPLE SENTENCE demonstrating how the word would be used. Click on "Info" or "View Tag" and "Learn more ..." for ...


I would keep word-choice, the explanation is short and it tells the author to use SWR if they don't know the word they're looking for.


tenses A set of forms taken by a verb to indicate the time and/or completeness and continuance of the action in relation to the time of the utterance.


prepositions Prepositions are function words like "to", "over", "through", "in". The meaning of a sentence can be dramatically altered by choosing the wrong preposition. Questions need to include enough information for the intended meaning to be deduced.

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