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Use this tag whenever you have any queries regarding the status of yours or any other users question or if you need any information/tips on how to frame a question

On the meta page, you might have queries about the status of the different questions.

  • For example, you might want to ask why a particular question was put on hold, marked as a duplicate question etc.

Also, you might have doubts regarding how the site or community treats different types of questions.

  • For example, you might have a query along the lines of "When are questions deleted and under what circumstances?", "How old must a question be before it gets deleted" and so on.

Another problem you might have is the very process of framing a question. For new users, a common problem is that their questions have a tendency to be unclear or contain too little information about what they actually mean to ask.
By using this tag, you could ask for tips or ways in which the question can improved so that it gets a better response and thus be answered as quickly as possible in a satisfactory manner.

Thus, by using this tag, the focus is more on the question itself, rather than what is being asked.