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Why could a 2 reputation user complete a review exercise?

Because it was a review of a suggested edit on their own post, something the post's owner has a binding vote on.
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How should reviewers (and other users) handle SLAs to SWRs?

It is important to get a hopeless answer in the VLQ queue ASAP because: (1) after 7 days, the answer can't be flagged VLQ; and, (2) long before then, it may attract enough undeserved upvotes to be ...
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Is it OK to recommend deletion for answers where it's obvious the responder was making it up/joking?

You can click the button in that situation, it's not wrong. I would recommend that, instead or as well, you comment and downvote, to explain that unsubstantiated half rememberings aren't helpful as ...
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When should you recommend deletion?

Deletion of low quality content is a sticky wicket. I'm not sure that we have any clear guidelines, but your instincts are pretty much exactly what I would recommend. If content is off-topic, spam, ...
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How should reviewers (and other users) handle SLAs to SWRs?

See: Lots of not-always-useful but well-intentioned answers A single line answer should be removed even if it's not answering a word or phrase request. It is a comment posted as an answer. Downvotes ...
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Moving questions to other SE

Migration paths can only be set up by the Community Mod team, and a site is only allowed to have 4. Every site can migrate between the main site and its meta site. The other paths are harder to get ...
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How should reviewers (and other users) handle SLAs to SWRs?

Here's my take on this. If I encounter a SLA to a SWR in a first-posts or late-answers review, shall I flag it and if yes, how? While using the review queues, I am more inclined to flag SLAs as ...
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How should reviewers (and other users) handle SLAs to SWRs?

I post this answer to distil the other high-voted answers into a clear guideline and also to suggest a more suiting comment: If you encounter an unreferenced answer to a single-word request (or ...
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Review Menu not Updating

This should be considerably less likely now (still possible, but less likely to occur on a regular basis). Jon and I put together a system of rules for determining the thresholds at which these ...
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