I'm a mod at Writers.SE. Requests for words and phrases used to be on topic here on EL&U; I'm not certain what the precise current status is on these, but Against single word requests and Single word requests, crosswords, and the fight against mediocrity express the problematic nature of these questions, and (this is my impression on skimming these topics......


A strain on the community? How hard is a downvote on a poorly written question?


This isn't a good for Writers.SE, sorry. One of the requirements for a critique request on Writers is that it be more than a few sentences long; questions looking to rephrase a sentence or three are considered explicitly off-topic, by community consensus. For more information on this, see this question on our meta: Are requests for rephrasing on topic? ...


No, we shouldn't allow migration, because unfortunately Literature.SE is closing: As mentioned in the recent blog post, I must reluctantly announce that we'll be shutting this site down on Friday, May 4th, 2012. While a fine topic, progress here has been slow for some time now, and it simply does not appear that literature (in the general sense) has a ...


Pasting in the results of Googling a word is unacceptable on ELU for many, many reasons. This has been covered elsewhere, but here are a few of them, in no particular order: It does not meet the network-wide requirements for referencing other’s work. You have to provide a link when pasting in someone else's work. You have to cite where the information comes ...


To answer your question of why it hasn't been done yet: It had not been requested before. The number of downvotes here indicates that the community does not support this plan. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that it won't be implemented.


My account is two years old, but I started off few months ago. I'm not a native English speaker, and I have made mistakes a lot. If such a quiz was mandatory, I wouldn't even have joined at all.


I'm marking this status-declined because it is not possible for us to re-open a failed migration stub that bounced back. The solution is simple: if you wish to cite the OED, then by all means please do so. But Googling is not the OED. QED.

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