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10 votes

Why can edits to a closed question be rejected as "should have been written as a comment or an answer"?

A one line, low effort question should not be reopened. Even if the author was still engaged with the site, they shouldn't be rewarded for the extensive rewrite needed to salvage it unless they did ...
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8 votes

First proposal tag wiki rejected

The Twentieth Century ran from 1901–2000, not from 1900–1999. :)
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7 votes

When is it reasonable to reject a suggested edit that fixes a broken link in a LQ post?

@Mari-Lou A wrote: Several links in my posts have been fixed by this user, and I've always given the green light. Fixing a corrupt link is nearly always a good thing, regardless of the post or ...
5 votes

Why can edits to a closed question be rejected as "should have been written as a comment or an answer"?

A question somewhat similar to the ethernet vs. Ethernet question that piqued your interest popped up ages ago in connection with the World Wide Web words internet/Internet and web/Web. See Should the ...
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5 votes

Are questions better if they contain the actual words they reference?

While editing the body of the question does make sense, we are not allowed to have swearing in the title. The title rule is covered here: What words are offensive in titles? What are the rules? The ...
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4 votes

I Edited Someone's Question Yesterday; Can I Find That Edit On My Network Activitiy Profile?

It would appear in your network profile (under Revisions) if the suggested edit could have been approved. In fact it does appear in your ELU profile under "All actions → suggestions", but the ...
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2 votes

When reviewing Suggested Edits queue, how to "improve" the suggested edit?

To "improve" edit suggestions, you need the privilege to edit posts, requiring no peer review. For editing questions and answers, the privilege is granted at 2k reputation. But for editing tag ...
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1 vote

Kludge to trick SE to allow edits smaller than six characters by injecting invisible characters

As someone who's a low-rep editor on other sites, I sympathize. But, as someone who's reviewing this type of edit (both here and elsewhere), hacks like these are kinda annoying. There is a little bit ...
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