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I've removed this tag; it does not describe the content of the question, and therefore is not a good tag. In the case of the question where this tag was approved, its use is borderline - the question is actually about the meaning of a given phrase, and whether or not it might be perceived as sexist; nevertheless, this question was already tagged meaning-in-...


I support this proposal: we should get rid of the grammar tag, and we should blacklist it so that it cannot be recreated. It does not help anything.


I think British English (BrE) is the official name for a family of dialects, accents, etc, of English and isn't a synonym for Standard English or Received Pronunciation. Example, in the Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, Chapter 1, section 3.1.2, a footnote says: some English-speaking Caribbean countries have rhotic accents and yet belong to the ...


I'm quite happy to see that Shog9 deleted the sexist-language tag. Any number of prejudices can be implied by word-choice (racism, ageism, pro/anti-religion, etc.). Personally, I don't have much time for questions like How bad is the use of “n***er” today? - partly because I think all answers are liable to be subjective, but also because it seems to me they'...


A question that has been migrated from another site and then closed counts as a rejected migration and will be automatically locked. At the same time, the question is unlocked (but not reopened) on the original site. MSO has an outstanding (as in not completed) request to display the lock banner. Given that the OP in both cases never created an account on ...


I would suggest using synonyms and possibly word-choice.


I'm going to suck up the downvotes, just so I can post this as an answer (stolen without remorse from one of @JoeBlow's answers):

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