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Is 'British English' an unfortunate misnomer?

I think British English (BrE) is the official name for a family of dialects, accents, etc, of English and isn't a synonym for Standard English or Received Pronunciation. Example, in the Cambridge ...
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Proposed tag: unword or deanthropomorphize

Unwords they are not, for even words that may have recently come to be perceived as taboo by certain groups or in certain contexts under the cyclic grind of the euphemism treadmill remain words ...
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"Word-request" and "word-equivalent"

I would suggest using synonyms and possibly word-choice.
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Is 'British English' an unfortunate misnomer?

I'm going to suck up the downvotes, just so I can post this as an answer (stolen without remorse from one of @JoeBlow's answers):
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