Awesome magical equines

The unicorns are one of three pony races inhabiting the magical land of Equestria. With short, straight horns bearing a helical pattern, they are capable of performing magic.

Most unicorns are only limited to one or few spells - about all can perform levitation magic, which they use commonly for daily functions similarly to how humans use hands, although with skill they are able to lift multiple items, manipulate objects hidden from sight and reach a distance significantly farther than human hands ever could. Besides this common spell, they possess individual skills related to their natural talents - search spells, music-performing magic, scrying, healing and many others.

The unicorns used to be the ruling class of the ponykind, next to military Pegasi and peasant Earth Ponies. Nowadays the differences have been significantly levelled out but still most of top of elites of Canterlot are composed of Unicorns. They are also more commonly associated with prestigious jobs while Earth Ponies usually take more menial positions.