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Identity Theft: Shouldn't this be prevented?

In most cases, it is perfectly reasonable for many users to have the same name, so it doesn't make sense to force them to be unique. For example, I made a query to find users with the same display ...
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Reporting a User for Three Duplicate Accounts?

Just flag any of the posts and explain the problem there. If we need more info, we have ways of contacting you privately. The problem may have been dealt with already.
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10 votes

Reached Question Limit

Although moderators are not privy to the algorithm behind this determination, it's unlikely to be reputation related. More likely by far is that of the 12 questions you've asked, only 3 remain open ...
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What is the best advice for a new user who created two accounts?

In the example quoted, I don't believe there's any harm in editing the additional information into the question. You can then flag the "answer" (see below) as well as vote to delete it — the ...
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Can we require a new user to register before posting?

I'm against the idea of making it a requirement to sign up before posting on ELU. However, I am curious what good it will bring to ELU and I'm okay with conducting a trial run, but for just one month....
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