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I see an awful lot of users not understanding the questions, giving irrelevant answers, and down voting them. When it is explained why the users are incorrect, they double down on their wrongness. It's frankly shocking.


My observation is that low-quality questions are now closed more quickly, while questions that have some substance to them tend not to be significantly affected. With reopen votes also reduced, it's easier to correct any over-enthusiastic closures. I haven't noticed any close/reopen wars, but consider checking the number of questions that have been toggled ...


I think of the stream of questions posted on English Language & Usage as falling into four categories: uninteresting off-topic questions, uninteresting on-topic questions, interesting off-topic questions, and interesting on-topic questions. The site benefits tremendously from removing the uninteresting off-topic questions as quickly as it can—and ...


Did this help? Yes, unequivocally. As John Lawler as commented, "the chaff is getting winnowed out sooner, and that's good." Did it hurt? No. It's only done good for the site. It's possible that some new contributors' questions may seem to have been treated harshly, but getting "Not here" or "Not enough information" feedback ...

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