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Links to external resources are encouraged, but not required. Upvote useful answers. Downvote answers that are not useful. A useful answer is an answer that will help not just the asker but also anyone who might come across the question in a site or Google search. It's fine to improve someone's answer by adding links to useful external resources.


The question was posted on November 2nd 2010. GR got proposed more than two months later, and implemented several months later still (can't find the exact date right now). You are free to vote to close as GR now that that reason exists. Alternatively, or in addition, the question can get a historical-importance lock.


I created a query that shows the votes you get between accepted answers, down-votes, and up-votes. The given link is for the question; in the case the vote is for the answer, the link will be for the question containing the answer. The data in the Data Explorer are updated more frequently, now. As I see from this query, Data Explorer is using data updated ...


Have a go with It relies on SEDE, which is not quite up to date, but may provide at least most of what you're looking for. There are refinements which you may like to make, for example ordering by comment score instead of date/time. I found that my top-voted comment has 38 votes.

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