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Election candidate statistics overlap candidate's user card, plus sprite CSS problem

There is a display problem on the current election page. Information overlaps the "user card" and hurts legibility. Compare (bad):           To better from the current ...
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My first experience with trying to get a question reopened after it was put on hold

...was with the question What is the origin of the word "Blackmail"?. It was asked by a user who appeared to be new to EL&U and who framed it as a simple etymological question—one that a ...
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Measuring typographical emphasis: the “lawler” and “lawler weight”

RegDwighт said: @Robusto wow, that's formatting to the max. Bold and italics and monospaced and in quotes. John has outlawlered himself.¹ It occurs to me that this is something we can measure. I ...
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John Lawler's ELU answer links, by topic

This is more of an announcement than a question. But it's intended for Meta. For a class I'm giving, I've recently made up links to my answers here, on various grammatical topics. This list is on my ...
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Why isn’t “Please help” on our titular stoplist?

We just got in rapid succession these two soi-disant “questions” over on main: Please help to interpret Please help me with this sentence Strictly speaking as questions go, those are imperatives not ...
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"ELU updated site theme is ready for testing" is ready for voting, but still not visible

"ELU updated site theme is ready for testing" has been vigorously voted on. It turns out that currently it is 25 down and 10 upvotes. 34 down and 13 upvotes. At a net of -21 votes, it is ...
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Thank you, Professor Lawler and Rest in Peace!

I am saddened to announce the passing of John Lawler on Saturday November 25. Many of us here were friends with him, and countless more helped by his answers. For those of you who aren't familiar with ...
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I'm sometimes unsure about whether to answer a simple grammatical question or to suggest that it is more appropriate for ELL. What are the criteria?

[Before asking this question here on Meta, I did search for duplicates. There are similar questions, but I found no exact duplicates. If they do exist, please direct me to them, and I will delete this ...
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Too many questions that qualify for "Please include the research you’ve done"

I feel that this has been discussed before, and that this problem is never going to go away. I've been going through the review queues since a recent Meta.ELU post about too many questions needing ...
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EL&U's top bar stopped being elegant in 2013

This is how the top bar appears in October 2017 on my desktop. I like the search box, it's larger and it is clear. But it's off-center, it's like a picture frame that's askew, I want to align the ...
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About Reference Questions

It seems that we must once again clarify what questions should and should not be closed with the close reason: Questions that can be answered using commonly-available references are off-topic. A ...
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Who is this spammer and is this really spam?

I have recently come across quite a number of questions that have been closed by one of our higher rep users as SPAM. This is the latest one which is undergoing an edit war as I write. The posts in ...
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Request for undeletion and reopening of a question on the main site: "Retriable or retryable?"

A poster asked the question Retriable or retryable? on February 9, 2016. It was closed for lack of research on February 15 of that year. On November 9, site participant sumelic edited the question to ...
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It’s September again

Eternal September doesn’t end, but does wax and wane with the school season. It’s waxing again. Be prepared to spot and quickly VtC unvarnished orders to do others’ homework. Also please downvote, ...
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The accepted answer check mark is almost indistinguishable between active/inactive

The active vs inactive checkmarks are very difficult to tell apart on this site: When I'm scrolling down the page it's hard to tell which answer I've actually accepted (or if there is one). ...

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