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Does ELU allow "discriminatory" comments?
6 votes

Let me offer my opinion (as you appear to be offering yours). The comments quoted are hostile. However, the point they so clumsily make can be made, I think, generally and perhaps more acceptably: ...

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Who is the boss here?
3 votes

I think this is a good and natural question, and if this is off topic (as per comments), then I do not know what is on topic here. It is also specific to this site because, even though one might in ...

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Seeing the reason behind close votes
5 votes

I voted to close. Out of the close reasons on offer, I checked "too broad". Here are my reasons for the vote. The OP has not shown much effort in answering their own question prior to asking it. I ...

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Could contributors somehow be encouraged to record their geographic location in their profiles?
5 votes

I think there is some modest encouragement present already in user profiles: location is an item there. If a user leaves that field blank, well that may be an omission, but it is probably intentional ...

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How to save EL&U
1 votes

I have little to say toward the proposal of splitting ELU, and this answer targets the title of the question, rather than the proposal in the body. (It seems to me that while some classify ELU as "big"...

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