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What's the general consensus on "Grammarly"?
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13 votes

Unless you used Grammarly to help you with your post, I see no evidence that you are "a total dunce when it comes to the English language". Quite the contrary. In any case, if using Grammarly is ...

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Where can I find a comprehensive list of English grammar rules, sentence and question structures?
5 votes

There will never be a complete list of grammar rules. Even the Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language (Quirk, et al.), which weighs in at over 1700 pages, does not contain all the 'rules' that ...

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Name & Shame: Top users who don't vote, edit or use the review queues
10 votes

I hang my head as one of the named and shamed. Admittedly, I hadn't realized that amassing a certain number of points also meant that I had amassed a certain number of duties. I don't remember signing ...

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