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1 vote

Waning gap of acceptable questions

1 vote

Should a question be closed as a duplicate of a question which only has limited interest?

4 votes

rudeness, belligerence, and dishonesty in this forum

1 vote

Why was this closed as not a real question?

7 votes

Should we ignore the General Reference close reason?

-4 votes

What General Reference answers this question?

1 vote

What's wrong with this question?

0 votes

Number of users who edit a question and CW questions

3 votes

Why are there so many meta questions about how so many main questions are being downvoted or closed?

4 votes

How can I improve a question?

4 votes

Why can't I flag a question as "offensive"?

5 votes

What constitutes justification for posing a question on ELU?

6 votes

Google is not General Reference

13 votes

Censorship of offensive questions

2 votes

Can we explain better why questions are closed as not constructive?

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