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CIO and Agile/DevOps evangelist. Writer, speaker, Rubyist, and agile champion. Superhero cape not included.


  • The Agile CIO: Redefining IT Leadership in the Modern Enterprise. Las Vegas: CodeGnome Consulting LTD, 2017.
  • “Managing Docker Instances with Puppet”, Linux Journal 274 (February 2017): 92-111.
  • “Provisioning Docker with Puppet”, Linux Journal 272 (Dececember 2016): 72-80.
  • “Secure Token-Based Authentication with YubiKey 4”, Linux Journal 265 (May 2016): 82-102.
  • “Configuring One-Time Password Authentication with OTPW”, Linux Journal 225 (January 2013): 76-88.
  • “Understanding NTP Reachability Statistics”, Linux Journal, January 2004.
  • “Improving SSH with Keychain” Sys Admin Magazine 12, no. 1 (January 2003): 21-24.


Follow me on Twitter @_CodeGnome. If your tweets are mostly about IT leadership, DevOps, agile practices, coding, project management, or Linux, I will follow you back.

Open-Source Projects

I'm actively involved in the open source community. I contribute to various projects, and make many of my own tools available under the GPL. Some of my recent contributions include:

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