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Since dialect stuff comes up a lot on this site, here's a breakdown of my language background:

  • English:

    • As of this writing, I'm 31 years old.
    • I grew up in the Inland North American English dialect area, and lived there until I was 28. Specifically:
      • I grew up in and around Kalamazoo, Michigan.
      • I moved to Cleveland, Ohio, as a teenager (initially for college, but I continued to live and work in the area for several years afterward).
    • I now live in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Specifically, I've lived near (and worked in) Seattle, Washington, for (as of this writing) about three years.
    • Like most American Jews (and, for that matter, many American non-Jews), I use various words and bits of grammar borrowed from Yiddish. I don't know Yiddish itself, though.
  • Hebrew:

    • I was born in Israel, but we moved to the US when I was less than a year old, so this probably doesn't count.
    • However, we spoke both English and Hebrew at home growing up, so my spoken Hebrew is not terrible (though I'm told that, for whatever reason, my accent in Hebrew sounds French).
    • I can read Hebrew, especially if it has vowels, but — pretty slowly, and I don't understand 100%.
  • French and Spanish:

    • I studied French for several years in high school and college, and Spanish for a few years in college.
    • My written French is pretty good, and I can speak OK, but I have some difficulty understanding spoken French spoken at a normal speed.
    • My Spanish is terrible. I can understand written Spanish without too much trouble, though, largely because of the high number of cognates with French.
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