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Firstly, I wanna tell all of you, very frankly, I just hate Chemistry and love all other i.e., Mathematics and Physics, specifically (I am not trying to be rude, because not everyone will like it).

Then why I am here, you may ask, for instance. The reason is that I am a High-School SCIENCE (PHYSICS-MATHEMATICS-CHEMISTRY) STUDENT just going to enter college for Graduation-Study. Yet, I think Chemistry is not always bad, it does have something amusing, funny and educationally-attractive in itself.

You may again ask (Oh shit, this time not, please no, coz I am already exhausted), why have you not told the reason why you like, specifically, Physics and Mathematics. Because the answer is too simple and quite-obvious, just like everyone: Physics and Mathematics fuels the fire in my Mind.

So I came here, the Chemistry Stack Exchange.

There are a variety of People, their Thoughts, Questions-Answers, Live-Discussion (just like Group-Study) and many more, on this Stack exchange blog (PLEASE DON'T MIND: I know it's not technically correct to use the term blog but I feel that Stack Exchange is kind-of like a big-big-and-very-big discussion room full of chatter-tatter, giving a verbal-aroma of Education).

Thank you, to ... Founders and Managers-Directors-technicians (whatever you call them) ... Above All, I love you STACK EXCHANGE (I mean it - very much)

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