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Word for disrespecting eldest half-sister by referring to her husband as girly-girl-manly-boy though he's amused but the rest of the family isn't?
10 votes

One passive approach you can take as an individual is to edit your user preferences to add single-word-requests to your list of tags to ignore. You have the option of either dimming them or hiding ...

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WTH is up with the 'beyond 300' review queue?
8 votes

This is perhaps an inevitable affliction of mature Stack Exchange sites. The closure review queue grows due to a confluence of several factors. I have found that empirically, user reputation scores ...

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What should we do about broken Tex math markup in postings?
Accepted answer
7 votes

Enabling MathJax As a moderator on Code Review who helped to push for MathJax to be activated there, I can say that the current Stack Exchange policy makes you work hard to justify it. Performance ...

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Call to action: fill in image descriptions
Accepted answer
3 votes

I've made a Stack Exchange Data Explorer query to find posts that lack image descriptions. As of 2014-10-17, the query shows about 1500 posts that need work. Please keep in mind that Data Explorer ...

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What should we do about question titles containing vulgar words?
1 votes

Deciding that certain words are taboo and mincing the titles is antithetical to a serious academic treatment of legitimate questions. Such censorship makes this site less mature, not more. It also ...

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