Alan Carmack

Writer, journalist, teacher, tutor, analyst, researcher, reader, proofreader, pain in the ass. Interests: Language studies and teaching, history, travel, coachsurfing, crossculturalism, multiculturalism, baseball, physical fitness, movies, religious studies. MA-TESOL, BA-History. Have studied, in chronological order, German, Afrikaans, Spanish, Koine Greek, Latin, Russian, French, Italian. Have dabbled in Mandarin. Have lived in or visited Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Wales, Scotland, Austria, Lithuania, Russia, Taiwan. US States: Georgia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Utah, Texas, Arkansas. Favorite method of Foreign Language Learning: Using Assimil and immersion, looking up grammatical forms only as an aid to communication. I recommend

I absolutely do not recommend Rosetta Stone.

You can reach me by email at alancarmack at gmail dot com.

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