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"Oh The Horror" Hat Club 2013
44 votes

I think that this is a fantastic idea. In fact, now that I am in, we only need 40 others.

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Has anyone on EL&U been awarded the 'I See Your Point' hat yet?
Accepted answer
38 votes

If this answer gets to 40 upvotes, I will get my "Oh the Horror" hat. Please help, especially if you're one of those to have received the hat from me on the club question.

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Hats are coming
7 votes

I came second site-wide last year, failing to obtain just one hat, I believe. MOAR HATZ!

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Are there any fake hats?
Accepted answer
5 votes

Yes. Look at the spritesheet: Some of those hats have been achieved by nobody. Proof enough for me that they are fakes.

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